Monday, January 22, 2007

A Good Week

If he didn't have the scar on his head it would be tough to tell that anything is wrong with our Ronnie this week. He's eating like a horse, demanding everything, getting into everything, and in general acting like a 2-year old, go figure. It's wonderful to see. Let's hope he can keep this up.

I have asked more than one friend to let me know if I allow Ronnie to get by with too much. It's hard enough to discipline your children when they are well. I feel like every moment ought to be treated as precious yet there are times when Ronnie needs limits set. I'm trying. He had to sit in the time-out chair yesterday. I show him the clock and tell him 2 minutes, he stays in the chair for about 30 seconds but as long as the behavior doesn't continue, we're done. It's hard to get him to take a nap but I'm learning some tricks for that too.

There was an article in the Boston Globe today about how the period just after you receive a difficult diagnosis is usually the hardest for people to cope with, whether it's your own diagnosis or that of a close loved one. I can relate. We are entering the long haul of treatment after a very rough first two weeks. The struggles with establishing what will become for us a new normal has had it difficulties but we all seem to be doing well now.

Non brain tumor related thought of the day: Jon Stewart, on the Daily Show, once commented that perhaps the reason moderates get so little press/airtime/attention is that no one is taking to the streets shouting "Be Reasonable". I think those would be great words to live by. Why can't we take to the streets and shout "Be Reasonable"? I'd certainly buy the t-shirt.


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