Friday, February 09, 2007

A Comment!

I received a comment today, thanks Rich. I've mentioned this blog in passing to a couple of friends but I've told no one the title or how to find it. Ronnie has something called a Care Page at Mass General. I've been directing friends and family there to keep up with his progress. I started this blog for myself as a way to vent. I checked and my profile has been visited too. If readers have found me because they are going through a similar life event, I hope I'm some help. If there are people reading this and they'd like to check up on Ronnie with more specific details, his care page is and the page name is RonnieLee

Sometimes I find myself thinking the strangest things. At one point I was worrying over the fact that Ronnie will have a hard time getting life insurance later on. Ha! I truly hope that someday he has that worry. Another thing I cried about the first night after he was diagnosed was that I haven't taken enough pictures of him. I have tons of family candids but he's only had the formal "Sears Portrait Studio" type picture taken once. He still has most of his hair but he also has a shaved patch from the shunt they had to put in after surgery. Do I take him to a photographer or should I wait for it to fall out? Maybe I'll do both.

It's funny, some of the things that I think really ought to cheer me up tend to do the opposite. Someone brought me an article about the Janowers. The Janowers are friends of friends and their 6 year old daughter has a brain stem pilocytic astrocytoma, the same as Ronnie's. Her family has been instrumental in raising more that $1 million for the Brain Tumor Society. They looked at where the money was actually going and worked out a deal that at large percentage of what they raised would go directly to JPA. All impressive and good news and it should cheer me up. Certainly I plan to support Team Samantha but . . . I guess I just wish nobody had to go through this. I've said to the nurses at MGH that as much as I wish I didn't have to be there, I'd much rather be the only ones there every Wednesday. There are 7 infusion rooms in the pediatric outpatient cancer clinic. They are almost always full. I hate that.

Non brain tumor related thought of the day: I hope Peter O'Toole wins the best actor Oscar. I like Forrest Whitaker a lot and this year he might deserve it but I hope Peter O'Toole wins. It should be said that I've seen none of the movies. Usually I get to a couple but this year, well, I've seen Cars, Night at the Museum, Flushed Away, get the idea?


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