Monday, February 19, 2007


Two months into an 18 month course of treatment and things I wish I'd never needed to know have become somewhat routine. Today and tomorrow has grown to incorporate next week and sometimes next month. My little guy seems to be handling it all extremely well. I hope this means things are working. His blood counts are low. He's getting chemo - they're supposed to be low but otherwise he's an energetic, happy kid who eats pretty well. Although I must admit, he is getting by with eating more crackers/chips/cookies than I ever would have let his older brothers eat. I'm trying not to create a tyrant but I'm not 100% successful.

Wednesday is chemo day. Last Wednesday I drove through a snowstorm to get to the hospital. It wasn't too bad but on any other day, I wouldn't have left the house. Things change. But the good news was that Ronnie didn't need a blood transfusion, at least not yet. And it was Valentine's Day. We gave all the wonderful people at the hospital small boxes of candy.

I'm still working, 2 days a week, at my job - statistician with a health care policy research group. It is hard to concentrate. I get at most 2 work related tasks done a day. Still, it's enough to keep things moving along for the time being. I'm getting laptop soon. I can get things done in small bursts. Focus, I can do it for awhile but it's still hard to maintain long term. I think that might improve too.

Ronnie has his next MRI on March 20th with a March 21st meeting with the doctors. I'm not too nervous about it yet, but I'm getting there. As long as it's good news I'll be fine. Neutral news would also be OK. I don't even want to think about anything else.

Non brain-tumor related thought of the day: If you knit and you can be there, check out the yarnharlot and go to NYC on March 22nd. I'd love to do it. Maybe I will, but probably not.


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