Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blood Transfusion

I haven't posted for awhile. It is truly amazing what you find yourself able to deal with as time moves on. I still wake up almost every morning thinking about brain tumors but it feels less oppressive now. It's just part of my life and Ronnie's. I think it's big help that he's still very much the same kid. His personality hasn't changed and he still hasn't lost his hair. He may not, the nurses tell me. I'm sure it helps Ronnie's brothers deal with it all. They all outwardly seem unaffected by it all. Andrew (13) came with us to the hospital on chemo day during school vacation week. He played GameBoy and read books most of the day. He also played with Ronnie in the playroom. Jack (9) doesn't want to hear too many details but I can tell he's aware of most of what's going on. Tommy (6) lives in Tommy World. It looks like a fun place.

Scarf knitting, I'm 2/3 of the way through the first scarf. I should have it finished by the first MRI. I'm using Jo Sharp's Silk Road Aran Tweed for the first one, color Tartan which is a greyish green or maybe a greenish grey. It's turning out quite nice. The yarn is a wool/cashmere/silk blend, just yummy. I have two more colors Midnight (dark blue) and a black with grey flecks that I can't remember the official color name right now. The next scarf I'm going to start on though is for Dr. Sims, Ronnie's in hospital neurologist who was a great help during the worst of the ICU stay. I'm knitting that one out of Rowan's Tapestry. I bought the yarn originally for myself but I think this is a better use. I think I've found a stitch that will look lovely in this yarn.

Last Wednesday my father accompanied me to the hospital. It was a long day. Ronnie's white blood cell counts were high enough for him to get chemo but his red blood cell counts had fallen below 20 so he got a blood transfusion too. It all went well but we were there from 10am until 6:30pm. Still the pink his back in his cheeks and lips so it was worth it.


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