Monday, June 11, 2007


I was looking over this whole blog and I notice that most of my posts begin with "I haven't posted in awhile." I don't post very often. I started this blog to help myself through a tough time. It's not quite so tough now. Ronnie has another MRI in 2 days and I'm not concerned. OK, I'm a little bit concerned about getting him there and I know that it takes awhile for the sedative to wear off and I'm worried about getting the other boys to their baseball games on Thursday and I'm always just a little bit worried about the effects of the sedative but he's been through it twice before without much difficulty, so they are minor worries. I tell everyone about Ronnie too. I can't help myself. Who wants to hear that someone else's kid has a brain tumor? I mean really. But I feel the need to tell people. OK, I'm not actually stopping people on the street but I do tell most people that I come in contact with on a regular basis. It has consumed my life for the past 6 months and I'm chatty. I think if he weren't doing so well I'd be more close-mouthed but maybe not even then. I'd probably want everyone I know to have a good memory of Ronnie. I guess that's it too. Look at this kid, have a good memory of him. He brings me hope, I want to share.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Keep going?

Well, I haven't posted in awhile. My Marathon training hasn't gone well despite some initial success. I overcommitted to some theater activities, the older kids all have Little League games seemingly every night, and my husband is out of town for most of June. Other than that, I've got lots of time! Nothing has really been going well, for me at least, I'm treading water in every area of my life it seems. Ronnie however is doing great. He has another MRI next week. I'm just not worried about it. Should I be? I certainly hope not. I was talking with another mother whose daughter has the same thing Ronnie has. The little girl is about a year older than Ronnie. She's doing well too. Ronnie is about 2 months farther along in the treatment. She just had her first follow-up MRI and the treatment has worked for her so far too. Her mother said that although she's pleased, she's not dancing in the streets about it. I realized that I was, dancing in the streets that is. Ronnie's first MRI results so changed my perspective. He's not going to die, at least not now, and that's what matters most to me. Anything else can be dealt with, including handling all 4 boys with school, baseball, chemo, and MRIs without my husband around to help. But I'll be tired. And probably a little cranky.

In other life news, the second doctor scarf is almost finished. I'd love to have it done by Thursday so I can deliver it while I'm at the hospital for the MRI. My play did not make the final cut for the festival in NC but I'm going down there anyway to see the family. I'll probably go to the theater festival too because some friends did get in. I produced a piece for the Boston Theater Marathon this year. Sadly, that did not go well. It looked beautiful (I put a kayak on stage) but the actors forgot their lines and some sound cues were missed and the playwright was not happy. Still, he could have thanked me for my efforts anyway. When someone spends way too much money putting on your 10 minute play, you should offer some kind of thanks even if it doesn't go well.